Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians, located in beautiful, scenic central Arkansas has rededicated it's commitment to breeding quality Straight Egyptian Arabian horses.  They have bred superior quality Straight Egyptian Arabians and are celebrating their 20th year. Zajaddi bred horses have impacted breeding program around the globe including farms in Australia, New Zealand, Europe and the Middle East.  
The focus of the Zajaddi breeding program is to perpetuate the bloodlines of the Imperial Egyptian Stud and produce individuals who possess ideal Arabian beauty and type, animated trot, fluid movement, presence.  Above all, we strive to breed a trainable horse with a great mind.  As the saying goes, "beauty is in the eye of the beholder" but when considering the highly prized horse of the Bedouins, and preserving this rare and precious gift from the desert, Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians is proud to have achieved great success and contributing quality bloodstock for future generations to enjoy.  Pictured: Azaamah with Alissa; special feature in the October 2019 issue of Arab Horse Coutoure Magazine ... click here 
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Muniqs Jazeebah
Straight Egyptian Mare 
by Gatsby cc
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It has been several years since Azaamah
foaled the famous yet rare twin colts. 
Pictured above twin Zaahir Staar 
(Exp China), with our sons Zach and Jake.  
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The mares of Zajaddi are proven champions and producers of the same.  Offspring have consistently won top five or better at the US Egyptian Event as well as in international competition.  Read more...
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