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 Duane & Diana Cantey - Zajaddi Egyptian Arabians
501-472-0026 / diana.cantey@yahoo.com
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We look forward to helping you find the horse of your dreams.  
Please contact Diana for more information on these quaity Straight Egyptian mares and fillies offered.
Email: diana.cantey@yahoo.com or phone/whatsapp +1- 501-472-0026, USA
Straight Egyptian Colts & Stallions
EA Java
2005 Black Stallion
by True Colours
x Alize, by The Elixir
Outstanding sire of black foals
3/4 Brother to World Champion
Royal Colours

Ansata Suleyman
2007 Grey Stallion
by Ansata Ibn Sirius
x Ansata Bint Serqit
Outstanding sire; 
Arab Horse Coutour Magazine:
"The Rise of Ansata Suleyman"
Alaa Jabbar Ma Absha
2005 Grey Stallion
by Jamal El Dine
x El Waha Martaba
Outstanding pedigree
Beautiful Arabian type
Lovely dispostion

WS Thee Antar
2008 Flaxen Chestnut Stallion
by Thee Asil
x Thee Evening Starr 
2009 World Class Reserve
Champion Colt
Stunning flaxen chestnut!

Hasim RH
2017 Bay Colt
by Sharif Emir PG
x Siennaa Moon

Source Bashar Gale
2005 Grey Stallion
by The Source cc
x Haleys Star
Amazing stallion with stellar pedigree.  Huge black eyes, solid body, 20-mover!
Hadaya Halim Aziz
2018 Chestnut Colt
by Kaliph MH
out of Qadar Nile Fahari
Hadiyat Marquis Gale  
(Marquis I X Haleys Star) 
2010 Bay Straight Egyptian gelding
Very pretty and well mannered horse
with outstanding disposition
Beautiful mover, lovey pedigree